Rabu, 17 Juni 2015


 Nowadays, back to nature become trend. Many people prefer to spend their time to enjoy a beauty of nature, after they are busy with their life in a big city. Nature which is cool, calm, comfort, safe, harmonic, and green is what the tourists want. Not only the beautiful view but also the traditional value is one of attractions to atract the tourists.
In 2005, by Mr. Hery Kustriyatmo’s idea, he is from Pratista gallery which has cooperation with Kembangarum people, they mean to make Kembangarum Village become a tourism village with natural and beauty system and full of traditional activities that they will be proud of.

Kembangarum Tourism Village is located in Merapi mountain side, in Donokerto, Turi, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Kembangarum tourism village is situated 19 km from city center and it takes 30 minutes more or less. People’s house around salak plantation is suitable for take a rest for the tourists who want to stay.

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